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    This re-creation of Metroid Fusion in Minecraft is very impressive

    Recreating ye olde games in Minecraft isn't new: someone made Pokemon Red in its completion a couple of years ago, and it's even possible to build a BASIC interpreter. But that doesn't make reddit user Nyubug's achievement any less impressive, because their in-progress recreation of Game Boy Advance platformer Metroid Fusion is, to be honest, quite astonishing.

    That's footage of the recreation above, and at first it feels like we're watching a stock-standard gameplay video of the original game. But thirty seconds in, the Minecraft player-character flies away from what is actually a large in-world screen showing the older game in action.
    "Currently, the system has a working smooth camera, player physics, sprite and background animations," Nyubug writes on reddit. "I've tried to match the original game as close as possible." A custom vanilla shader system is used for the recreation "using spectate mode shaders and resource packs" though no mods are implemented.

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