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    Resident Evil: Revelations 2, Online

    Since shinji mikami redefined the series a decade ago, Resident Evil has been in the throes of an extended identity crisis. while Revelations 2’s campaign flip-flops entertainingly between resource-light survival horror and gun-happy set-pieces, raid mode sees capcom fully embrace the side of its character that happens to love thrillingly dumb action movies.

    Raid, of course, was introduced in the original Revelations as an alternative to the mainline games’ mercenaries mode. whereas mercs involved playing a map over and over, learning enemy spawn points and optimal scoring routes by heart, the missions here are pretty much one and done assuming you survive, of course. there’s variety in the stages, while a range of enemy abilities keeps things interesting. one moment you might be tiptoeing through a forest as zombies lurch out of the
    brush, the next you’ll be galloping along gangways in a futuristic facility while accelerated hunters sprint after you.

    Occasionally you’re battling against the clock and sometimes you might have to protect an artefact from marauding nasties, but essentially your goal is to kill everything. then it’s back into the safe room to refill your ammo, stock up on new weapons and parts with the cash you’ve earned, evaluate any items you’ve collected, and level up your chosen hero’s skills.

    Medallions are simple enough to earn in the early stages, but you’ll soon be keen to rope in an assistant. Joining a friend’s game is straightforward, and matchmaking with randoms lets you quickly partner up, or search for more specific conditions, from those looking to simply have fun with a like-minded ally or to chase elusive medallions on Very hard difficulty.

    Periodic event missions invite you to tackle level-restricted challenges for superior gear or to collaborate with all other online players to blast away at a lumbering behemoth with a ludicrously long health bar before it reaches shore, a gloriously daft aside soured only by intermittent connectivity issues with re.net. otherwise, raid is the kind of furiously compulsive pursuit that has you promising yourself just one more go ten missions before you muster the willpower to quit.

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