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    Redout: We’re accelerating into the future

    The future isn’t quite what we’d expected, if we’re being honest. It used to be a given that when a new Sony console was on the way, there would be a WipEout game in development to accompany it, showing off an exciting vision of futuristic racing. But Studio Liverpool is long closed and it seems that Sony has left its stalwart series behind for now, so we’ve had to wait a good while for our first taste of anti-gravity racing on the PS4. And while Redout might look a lot like the classic futuristic racing series, the developers at 34BigThings are striving to carve out a distinctive identity for their own game.

    High-speed racing is Redout’s core offering, with impressive tracks undulating through surreal environments. In single-player, this is all done through the framework of a career mode in which you’ll work your way through the Solar Redout League. This involves collecting credits to upgrade your ship and, interestingly, pleasing your sponsors is an important job, with more lucrative contracts attached to bigger demands. Seven event types are used, from standard races to more exotic variations such as the Arena race, in which you can win without crossing the finish line so long as you’re the last racer alive.
    Though you can obtain ten upgradeable power-ups, they’re all based on racing turbo boosts, advanced grip and more. This is because 34BigThings has gone for a combat-free style of racing, though as your ship can still be destroyed, we’re expecting that some of the game’s 25 tracks should devilishly test your skills as a driver.

    First impressions of Redout are encouraging. The developers have obviously done their research and already managed to create a distinctive look for the game, while seeking to differentiate it from its most notable influence by omitting combat. We’re intrigued by the prospect of the deep career mode that’s being touted, which could be excellent if there’s enough meat to the upgrade system and sponsorships. We’re surprised by the fact that online multiplayer isn’t in as standard, but it’s a decision that makes sense for an indie team. 34BigThings has promised a big game, but with no PS4 release date set it’s clearly early days yet, so only time  will tell if the team can deliver.

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