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    Lego Dimensions: More crack for the kiddies…

    It’s no secret that Skylanders has changed the way toymakers and video games publishers approach the children’s market. With Activision’s franchise already a multi-billion dollar enterprise, and its closest competitor Disney Infinity having sold more than three million starter packs just six months after its release, it’s clear that the kids of today will be reminiscing in the future about portals and figurines the same way that nineties kids talk about tamagotchis. The toys-to-life-genre, as it has now apparently been dubbed, is clearly a boom market for video games, with even Nintendo eyeing the prize with their own range called aaimbos, and now probably the most natural fit has come about with the announcement of Lego Dimensions.

    Developed by Traveller’s Tales, who have been responsible for most of the Lego games to date, in conjunction with Warner Bros, Lego Dimensions will take the Disney Infinity route and mash together a host of different brands. The premise given for this is that an evil helmeted villain has been creating rifts between multiple Lego worlds, and now it’s up to a consortium of heroes from the various dimensions to stop him. It’s a simple plot, but then again The Lego Movie shared a similar premise backed only by snarky social commentary and that was pretty awesome.

    Of course the real question when it comes to Dimensions is what licences Lego plans to draw on, and even the first set of toys are looking pretty varied, with characters from DC Comics, Back to the Future,  Lord of the Rings, Wizard of Oz, The Lego Movie and Lego Ninjago all set to be released in the first wave. The starter pack will include Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle as playable characters, along with a buildable Lego Gateway and the Batmobile, and additional characters can be purchased through fun packs (which will also include a gadget or vehicle) and level packs (which will provide additional levels for the game). Finally team packs will also be made available, and will include multiple characters along with several vehicles and/or gadgets.

    In terms of actual gameplay fans of previous Lego titles will be delighted to hear that Dimensions should play pretty much the same as before, with a mix of exploration, combat and puzzles. All told there’s not a lot of information been given out by either Traveller’s Tales or Warner Bros, but considering the market the game is aiming to compete in this should be a title that offers plenty for the kids to enjoy.

    Doubtless parents will be groaning at the thought having to fork out yet another wad of cash for another set of figurines, and while South African pricing has yet to be announced in America the starter pack will retail for around $100. It’s a hefty price tag, especially considering the already existing choices on offer, but with over a decade of experience in creating Lego games, hopefully Traveller’s Tales will be bringing something exciting to the genre.

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