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    Fallout 4: what do we want from e3 next month?

    Bethesda’s debut E3 conference has me daedra dreaming…
    There aren’t many places in skyrim I haven’t been by now. at this point I’m basically pouring the dust at the bottom of its packet down my throat and licking my fingers clean, and that’s not bad for a game that came out in 2011. I might be just about done with TESV’s particular nordic power fantasy, but i’ll never grow tired of glitching up mountains or electrocuting market sellers. I’ll always want more elder scrolls. I’ve been humming the precise cosmic frequency which indicates that sentiment each night, so I’m pretty sure bethesda must have sprung into action by now. roll on that e3 conference.

    Forget Fallout 4: I want to be blinked all the way to dunwall For dishonored 2
    I know you think I’m some raving lunatic for not wetting myself at  the thought of another post-apocalyptic adventure, but truth be told, the one game i really want to see at E3 is a decidedly more teleport-y bethesda property. I want corvo round two. the first dishonored was incredible a lavishly violent assassin sim that conjured the spirit of the old thief games better than that borked reboot ever could. and with ps4 filling d2’s stealthy boots with raw power, arkane could peel the world of dunwall open in all its murdery glory. give me a current-gen corvo over a ps4 pip-boy any day.

    GTA V needs an open-world challenge and I’m waiting For red dead to bring it.
    On the final day of E3 this year it will be exactly five years and one month since red dead redemption first lassoed our hearts. the wait for a follow-up has lasted long enough, don’t you think? Just imagine galloping across the ps4-powered frontier, chasing after stage coaches and duelling your way through each town… hell, even I notorious remake grumbler wouldn’t begrudge a ps4 red dead revisit if the remastering job is as significant as GTA V’s. red dead needs to return with ps4’s extra *ahem* horsepower, and claim the title of the greatest sandbox ever made.

    I miss my favourite bald, minotaur-gutting Fallen demi-god. it’s time For GOW IV to shine.
    Man, I’m longing for kratos. that perfectly shiny dome. that ever so taut, claret-soaked loincloth. those ancient greek abs you could shave truffles with… well, this went to a weird place quickly, huh? the point is, I’m desperate for god of war. the announcement of GOW III’s upcoming ps4 port has reminded me there’s nothing on sony’s current-gen beaut that can yet match the savage scope or super bloody theatre of kratos. sony santa monica is perhaps the most technically gifted studio out there. I can’t wait for its godly first full-blown project on ps4.

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