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    F1 2015: Take on a new crop of F1 drivers

    Racing games have been on almost every console that has been released so far. Whether gamers like the simple need for as much speed as possible, the usually incredibly graphics or the realism attached to it, players flock to it every year.

    One of the best franchises in terms of graphical capabilities and realism has to be the official F1 series, and this year will see another opportunity for race lover to take the wheel as a driver for their favourite team.

    F1 2015, developed by Codemasters Birmingham, is the seventh Formula One game produced by the studio, and it will also be the first racing game that Codemasters will be releasing for the current generation of consoles.

    But racing games have one glaring flaw as with any sports franchise: there isn’t much evolution in the sport itself, which often transfers to the game. So with that in mind, players can expect more of the same as with previous versions, but obviously the title will have better graphics and improved physics to make whizzing around the track more enjoyable.

    For this version, F1 2015 will make use of the new EGO game engine to make those improvements possible and will feature the team and driver line-ups from the 2015 season, including the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez. For a bit of bonus content, all the drivers, cars and circuits from the 2014 season will be included.

    If you are an old hand at racing, you might want to try the new “Pro Season” mode that is said to be more challenging than the normal gameplay.

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