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    Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, Vergil Gameplay

    Capcom really has this HD redux malarkey down. Earlier in the year the Resident Evil remake (aka REmake) damn near scorched our corneas off with pure pretty hi-res Hunters are definitely ‘pretty’, right? Now, Dante and fellow platinum-haired hero Nero want to rock up to the 1080p party in another blistering update. And this time, the cocky demon hunters are bringing some pals…

    Know Devil May Cry 4 like the back of Nero’s massive demon mitt? Then the most alluring feature of this PS4 Special Edition is surely the inclusion of three new playable monster murderers. While the contents of the campaign remain untouched, you now have the option of slicing and dicing through the city of Fortuna with the first game’s former villain Trish, Devil May Cry 3’s Lady and Dante’s moody twin bro Vergil.

    Happily, each of these bonus characters feels different enough to warrant replaying levels with all of them. Lady can swap between a guttural shotgun, meaty bazooka and pistols with a tap of -L2- , while her melee attacks are much weightier than DMC4’s original white-haired warriors. Vergil, meanwhile, is like super-murdery greased lightning in full flight; his dizzyingly nippy Yamato katana combos complementing his fancy teleporting powers on -O- perfectly. Oh, and may we recommend his Beowulf gauntlets? Talk about a perfectly punchy ice-breaker.

    If Looks Could Thrill
    It’s really something just how well Capcom’s original art assets have held up in the seven long years since its first release on PS3. Character models and environmental architecture have a wonderfully clean solidity about them. Considering we reviewed the original version, we really went and checked the fact those visuals scrub up so nicely is no mean feat.

    Combat has also aged somewhat respectably. We’re actually surprised at how much DMC4’s aggressive, strafe-heavy slaughter reminds us of Bloodborne. As far as compliments go, you really can’t get much higher (or homicidal) than that.

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