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    Dead Island 2: California dreaming…

    Quickly, hands up those who don’t like zombie games. Right… those who raised their hands can go sit in the corner. For the rest of us, Yager Development is putting the finishing touches on Dead Island 2, the sequel to the hugely-popular (depending on who you ask) zombie shooter from 2011.

    The first game rattled a few cages when it was released, as the zombie enemies behaved very differently to what traditional zombie shooters and pop culture would like us to believe. In it, zombies ran faster, jumped on things and were just everything except the shuffling mess they usual are.

    This will be the fourth instalment in the Dead Island series, but will be a sequel to the original Dead Island game. And this one’s name is a bit of a strange one, as it doesn’t actually take place on an island, but somewhere in California.

    By taking place in the sunny state, players can look forward to bashing zombie heads in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and an undisclosed third location. And with a new game comes a number of new implementations and tweaks, most notably the combat system.

    If you thought that the previous games’ combat was violent, wait until you have seen this. According to the developers, Dead Island will have more brutal combat but the zombies will be more fragile to damage. It’s a win-win for everyone.

    Taking a leaf from the previous games, players will still be able to give themselves a bit of a boost with the Rage system, and crafting weapons has apparently been made a heck of a lot easier.

    Because it’s a sequel to the first game, the plot takes place a couple of months after Dead Island. Not an awful lot is known about the plot so far, but all that we know is that the United States military has put California under a full quarantine due to a new zombie outbreak.

    Players will also be able to choose from four playable characters, but don’t worry you won’t be playing by yourself. With a fairly large multiplayer component, up to eight players will be able to slay zombies together.

    Of the four characters in the game, only one has been announced so far: Ryan the Berserker. His favourite weapon is the sledge hammer and he’s a former volunteer firefighter answering the call of the apocalypse.

    On the official game page, player will the silhouette of the three unannounced fighters: a girl that seems to favour crossbows, a young man with a love for fire and molotov cocktails, and possibly another girl who clearly likes to slice-and-dice with blades.

    The developers state that this is Dead Island the way it was meant to be, so if you loved the previous title we can almost guarantee that you are going to thoroughly enjoy the sunny beaches of California.

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