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    Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3, Main Modes

    Like a sniper's victim, the worst-kept secret in videogaming is finally out in the open. Treyarch's sixth Call Of Duty, and third Black Ops, outing has at long last broken cover. It's set in the aftermath of Black Ops II's 21st-Century cold war, in a future where soldiers aren't reliant on tech, but where squaddies have become the weapons, heavily augmented by cybernetics.

    Here's a sliver of what you can expect from the game's three main modes...

    Campaign Goes Co-Op
    As well as the usual Hollywood storyline and Michael Bay-sized pyrotechnics, Black Ops III's Campaign mode will be filly playable in co-op for the first time ever. This means players will be able to dive into any level, at any time, and play alongside friends as advancing will no longer be one obvious pathway to the next, but rather a series of significantly larger open spaces, all capable of accommodating up to four players at any one time.

    Multiplayer - Movement Perfected
    Advanced Warfare's big thing was integrating jetpack-like exo suits to bring more speed and verticality. Treyarch's plan for Black Ops III is to take this a step further. So there's wall running, unlimited sprinting, reverse powersliding, and even a new ability to swim in vast waters and pop up undetected to catch unsuspecting opponents by surprise, It's the best bits of Titanfall, destiny and advanced warfare all bundled into one.

    All New Zombies (obviously)
    Treyarch invented the Zombie mode, but they're not content with just continuing that trend unless they're bringing something new to the table. According to the studio head, players should expect something '' totally unique, mind-blowing and unlike anything in the campaign and multiplayer ''.

    The only clues so far are a brief glimpse on the trailer and tagline that reads, '' Only the cursed survive ''. Make of that what you will...

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