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    Tips: How to Make Money fast in Battlefield Hardline

    You could put together a team of highly trained individuals and work on perfecting your Heist game. In fact this is most certainly the way you want to go if you’re after the kills that unlock weapon upgrades in the first place. But sooner or later you’ll come a cropper and need a bit of moolah to lubricate your killing capacities. To do this, head into Hotwire.

    Specifically try to set up a match in the Riptides map. The coastline here makes for an excellent area to rip around in a vehicle for ages without getting caught out. Be wary of individuals hiding under the stilted buildings at the far end of the beachhead, as this could indicate the tactical placement of breaching charges. By driving around the map and holding these vehicles for as long as possible you can make upwards of $20,000 with each match.

    Also, keep an eye out for objective boosts in the battlepacks you occasionally earn. Applying these before heading into Hotwire will effectively triple the cash you earn by holding those vehicles. It’s worth noting that you don’t have to be driving, either just being inside the vehicle can rake the money in.

    If you’re keen to get out there in other game modes and still want to earn more dollar then remember: the objective is king. Sure those long-range headshots and breaching charge traps might be fun, but the best way to earn cash is to help the team win the game, not rack up your own kill/death ratio. So work with your buds to bring in the cash.

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