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    Killer Instinct: Season 2, Iron Galaxy continues its drip-feed of new modes and characters

    Give me the details now!
    Come on, that’s not even a question. oh alright, since iron Galaxy and microsoft went to all the effort of putting on a PAX panel. rolling out next for the fighter are a bevy of updates and enhancements, including new characters, stages, story elements and the mysterious shadows…
    Hisako can strike at any time, but mostly when you’re playing Killer instinct.
    Ooh, sounds intriguing.
    Okay, it’s not that mysterious since the panel gave us loads of info. shadows is the name of a new mode that lets you train a character and upload them to the cloud for competitors to fight. think Forza Motorsport’s Drivatar, but with more punching. indeed, the game monitors how often you punch, kick,block, dash, taunt, hurl projectiles and use Ultras to create a virtual you. When it lands in april, shadows will give you the chance to fight tournament-level opponents without having to actually, you know, fight them.

    And the new character?
    That’s hisako. this 19-year-old ghost girl looks like she’s just ambled right out of The Ring, wielding a dangerous-looking naginata and peeking from under wet black hair. ‘sporadic’ best describes her unsettling fighting style, shuffling along before unpredictably launching into dashes. oh, and she’s also got a special possession move in which she invades her opponent’s body and contorts them into bone-breaking poses. Ugh.

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