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    J Stars Victory VS+: Shonen Jump into victory

    The J Battle Festival is the greatest tournament to grace Jump World, bringing together the world’s greatest heroes from across the Jump Universe. The one time you get to watch paranormal detective Yusuke take on samurai Gintoki, Naruto attempt his ninjitsu on elasticated Monkey D. Luffy or even see the Z-Fighter’s epic saiyan, Goku match fist to blade against the orange haired shinigami Ichigo.

    J Stars was announced back in 2012 to commemorate the 45th anniversary of Jump, the longest running and best-selling manga magazine that has seen so many of its stories and characters turned into anime, games, movies, live-action films and so much more. J-Stars Victory will now allow fans of the various manga and anime to put to bed those long-standing fanboy saturated arguments of which fighter is better.

    The narrative of the story will focus on four different chapters, each one with its triplet of heroes. The Hope chapter shines light on Yusuke, Naruto and Gon, the Motion chapter will sweep over Seiya, Ace and Monkey D. Luffy, the Research chapter focussing on Toriko, Zebra and Goku and the Pursuit chapter running through Oga, Hiei and Ichigo.

    Players can anticipate high-paced action fights on a 3D battlefield, moving in all directions while utilizing the various abilities of each character. The aim of the game will not be to merely deplete the enemy health gauge, but will be to fill the WIN gauge each time the enemy is defeated.

    Originally for the Eastern part of the world, J-Stars Victory VS+ will be heading to the West, including  original Japanese voice-over tracks and an Arcade game mode not in the original. The title is exclusive to PlayStation.

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