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    GOW 3: remastered, The surprise return of a PS3 legend

    GOW III has, without question, the best use of the L3 and R3 buttons of any game ever. And now you’re going to be able to experience this ultraviolent thrill on your PlayStation 4, as the grand finale to Kratos’ quest for vengeance is getting the familiar last-gen-to-current-gen treatment.

    As per the HD remaster manifesto, this PS3 port shakes off the cobwebs with a lovely 1080p upgrade, as well as a brand new Photo mode (much like the ones found in The Last Of Us Remastered and inFamous: Second Son). You’ll be able to freeze the deity-decapitating action at any time to set up a perfect shot, cutting about the viscera like an invisible paparazzo with a fully-featured set of filters and effects if you fancy getting technical with your shots of Kratos slamming a lad’s head into a door.

    Of course, there are the set-pieces, too. GOW has always been about spectacle, with Kratos tearing the heads off gods and fighting mythical beasts the size of entire cities. All this already looks incredible when PS3 is kicking it out at 720p, so the extra power of PS4 is really going to make these moments shine. We’re still awaiting (and hoping for) a GOW 4 announcement, but this is a great way to kick off Kratos’ tenth anniversary.

    Release Dates: 17 Jul

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