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    GOW 3: Remastered, QTE Without The PS3

    It’s been five long years since the Ghost of Sparta appeared in GOW III, one of the most beauteous PS3 games of the console’s lifespan. To celebrate that fact, and to mark 10 years since the first game of the series, he’ll soon be slicing up Grecian nasties in glorious PS4-o-vision.

    GOW III Remastered is being put together by original developer Sony Santa Monica, and will eviscerate you in full 1080p from 17 July. For those keen to show off it’ll come alongside an all-new photo mode, presumably akin to those found in games such as Infamous: Second Son and The Last Of us do-over.

    “The story I wrote for GOW II set the stage for an epic finish to the trilogy Dave [Jaffe] and I had always imagined,” said writer Cory Barlog, “an all-out war between the gods, Titans, and our favourite angst-ridden Spartan warrior.”

    “Imagine if a game like that came out on PS4, right? Whether you’re new to the series or Spartan veterans, GOW III Remastered is one damn fine game.”
    The textures on Chronos really do pop out. Just like his fingernails.
    Greek buffet?
    It may very well be, but it isn’t really GOW IV now, is it? Well, mayhap this could be the build-up for another announcement to come? “Should we toast to another ten years?” teased Barlog. “Will there be another ten years?”

    One thing we do know is that there won’t be a Master Chief Collection-style regathering of all the GOW games so far onto one delectable, gore-filled disc. There are “no plans for others in the franchise to bring over,” according to Sony Santa Monica’s senior community strategist Aaron Kaufman. But we’d keep eyes trained on e3 for more…

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