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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Adam Jensen is back

    The next game in the Deus Ex series is Mankind Divided and will again star Adam Jensen. Set two years after  Human Revolution , developer Eidos Montreal is promising new augmentations, new locations and a “cloak of conspiracies,” which will inevitably involve Jensen being double-crossed at some point.

    It’s being built in a new engine called Dawn and the PC version will take advantage of DirectX 12 and the most recent version of AMD’s ridiculous TressFX hair tech. Jensen’s pointy beard is going to look amazing.

    The announcement was accompanied by a trailer that’s hugely exciting, but doesn’t show any in-game footage. Still, if the Dawn engine looks half as good as the CG, this is going to be one handsome game.

    New locations include Utulek Station, a ghetto in Prague built to house augmented citizens. We may also get to visit Montreal, which was famously cut from Human Revolution , and Paris, which was a key location in the first game. Exotic cyberpunk future-cities are a staple of the series and Mankind Divided looks to be continuing that tradition. Fingers crossed for bigger city hubs this time around.

    The events of Human Revolution were only loosely connected to the first game, but the sequel will have more explicit links to JC Denton’s story. Villain Bob Page is glimpsed in the trailer and Eidos Montreal suggests we’ll be witnessing events mentioned in the original game first-hand. Jensen has left Sarif Industries behind to work for Task Force 29, a government-sponsored group set up to combat “a new breed of terrorism.”

    But allegiances are frequently fragile in the corrupt world of  Deus Ex and Jensen is also secretly working for a rival group called the Juggernaut Collective. Their leader looks like an augmented TF2 Heavy, so they’re probably some kind of pro-aug faction. Missions will be deeper and more meaningful and an improved version of Jensen’s social aug should make talking your way out of situations a more viable option.

    Interestingly, Mankind Divided won’t allow you to import your save from Human Revolution, meaning that choice you made at the end didn’t matter after all. Eidos Montreal will decide which is the ‘canon’ ending and advance the story from there. Hopefully the end of the new game’s finale will involve more than pressing one of three magic buttons to select a conclusion.

    No release date has been set yet. Human Revolution was announced in May 2007 and released in August 2011, so we might be waiting a while for this one. We loved what Eidos Montreal did with the last game, so we’re pretty damn excited about its return to one of PC’s most important series. The PC version of HR was excellent, so hopefully the same can be said for Mankind Divided and we’re certain it won’t be outsourcing the boss battles to another studio this time.

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