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    Captain Forever Remix: Best laid planets

    For those who have never heard of 2009’s indie darling Captain Forever, let alone know it needed a remix, the concept is simple. Fly a tiny modular spaceship across a dangerous 2D galaxy and destroy enemies in order to improve your own ship with their parts. Think Lego with lasers and you aren’t far off.

    Created originally by Australian developer Farbs, who famously resigned from his job at 2K Australia with a videogame, Captain Forever has been revamped entirely with new gameplay and a colourful art style inspired by ’90s cartoons.

    Questing to fix the solar system after your impulsive mutant brother has ‘frozen the sun, poked out Jupiter’s eye, drank Neptune’s oceans, and cracked Earth like an egg!’ (he sounds like a charmer), you must steer yourself through the galaxy, taking on enemies and crafting an ever more impressive ship.
    “Think Lego with Lasers and you aren’t far off”
    Star Attraction
    Roguelike in nature, you’ll want to avoid high level enemies until you’ve got the best vessel possible to take them on safely. Your ship can be decked to the nines with armour, thrusters and unique weapons, and you’ll want to be precise at taking enemies down in order to get away with as much loot as possible.

    With the official approval of Farbs and some ultra stylish art, this looks like it could be even more addictive than the original version.

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