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    BloodBorne: tips

    BloodBorne Beaten!

    You’ll notice many people running around wielding Ludwig’s Holy Blade . This can switch between two-handed greatsword or single-handed short sword, for both heavy or light attacks depending on the situation. In greatsword mode it can deliver a spike of massive damage with a charged L2 attack, thrusting forward, perfect for when you want to end a fight quickly. To get your hands on it, just pick
    up the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge, found at the top of the tower when leaving the Cathedral Ward through the door on the right and going up the lift. Once you’ve done this, head to Hunter’s Dream and you can purchase the weapon from the lower messenger bath for 20,000 Blood echoes.

    To bag yourself the Blade Of Mercy, a short sword that switches into a pair of daggers, you’ll have to complete eileen The Crow’s quest. You’ll find her in Central Yharnam, then outside the Cathedral Ward, the Tomb of Oedon and the Grand Cathedral. She’ll reward you with her badge so you can buy it at the lower messenger bath. Alternatively just kill her right away and you’ll find the badge on her corpse.

    Difficult to wield effectively as it’ll drain your health as you use it, the Chikage, a katana, morphs through single- and two-handed forms. You can pick one up by heading to Cainhurst Castle, found via a meandering path to the left of the village in the Forbidden Woods, and joining up with the Vileblood Covenant. Then you can pick it up for 50,000 souls at the lower messenger bath in Hunter’s Dream. You’ll need high Bloodtinge, mind.

    To get your hands on the Beast Claw, a Wolverine-esque set of dual fist-based weapons, you’ll need to perform a Chalice ritual with the Ailing Loran Chalice, found by killing Amygdala in the Nightmare Frontier. Perform the ritual in Hunter’s Dream and head into the dungeon, where you’ll find the Beast Claw in a chest inside. It’ll take some searching for, as its discovery is randomly ordained, but have these babies equipped in their two-handed mode and you’ll find yourself in a perpetual damage-boosting beasthood state. And that can only be a good thing. The moveset is full of high-speed attacks, which use up very little stamina, while simultaneously pushing forward. Its charge attack, performed by holding R2, is one of the quicker stunning moves to execute, too. The downside is that the damage it deals is fairly narrow and short range.

    The trick form of Tonitrus lets you bash foes with lightning-infused blunt attacks, especially useful against those prone to stunning. You can find this weapon on a corpse at the far end of the area by the Advent Plaza lamp (near The One Reborn boss fight). It makes a perfect foil for the generally slower double-handed weapons. The one proviso is that you’ll need to get right up close to enemies as the reach is a tad wanting on this one. It’s especially useful in Cainhurst Castle against the boss you find there. And it’ll save your supply of Bolt Powder, too!

    If it’s a new firearm you’re after then have a look at the Cannon . It’s an incredibly powerful gun, although it eats through a whopping ten bullets per shot. not something you’ll want to use willy-nilly, then. You can find it in the Forbidden Woods, near where the villager is raining down an artillery strike. Head into the building behind this chap and follow the route around the upper part of the scaffolding to reach the other side. Go out here, fall down and run around to the left and then climb up the ladder there. Keep going through this area and you’ll meet an NPC, but drop down where it’s safe inside the building. You should find a corpse with the cannon on it there. Be careful, though, as there’ll be a snake-headed man and a wolf monster to contend with en route. The cannon itself has been called the most powerful gun in the game. You’ll need to upgrade your Bloodtinge stat for it to scale.

    Beat the last boss of the game (or the second to last boss if you’re after the ‘true ending’) and you’ll then be able to pick up his weapon, the Burial Blade, at the lower messenger bath in Hunter’s Dream. It costs a whopping 60,000 Blood echoes, but is properly handy in NG+ as its sweeping scythe blade deals damage to your sides, as well as directly ahead. If you are having trouble with the final, true ending boss, then it might be worth picking this up before you head back into the fog gate. Of course, you’ll need to head out and farm some Blood echoes.

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