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    The Last Guardian: A boy and his boy

    You may know The Last Guardian as the game about a boy and his weird bird/lizard/cat thing. However, that wasn’t the original vision of director Fumito Ueda. With development of the long-awaited game shifting to PS4, gamers will now experience the adventure as its creator originally intended.

    “I always wanted to explore the relationship between a boy and another, more gigantic boy.” Ueda told us through a translator. “On the PS3, we could only have one boy on-screen at a time, so we had to alter our plans and downgrade the second character to that monster thing. The power of the PS4 not only allows us to double our ‘boy number,’ but to also make one of the boys very, very large.”

    Ueda also confirmed that that the giant boy is what connects The Last Guardian to Team Ico’s previous titles. “He is the child of Yorda and that badass desert colossus,” Ueda says.  All other details about The Last Guardian including what it’s about, what you do, and why it’s taking so long remain unknown. Hopefully we’ll find out more in a post-mortem interview once the game is canceled.

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