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    Star Wars: Battlefront, What We Know So Far

    Visceral’s as-yet-untitled Star Wars game is being kept firmly under wraps, but from various interviews and what we’ve managed to pick up on our worldly adventures, we’ve created a snapshot of everything we can safely bet on for Visceral’s newest licence…

    It’s a brand new story…
    …Papoutsis clearly stated that Lucas is looking to Visceral to utilise the rich universe Star Wars calls home to make its story. The fact the studio has brought in writer Amy Hennig, (Legacy Of Kain series, Jak & Daxter series, Uncharted series) means Visceral means business when it comes to the game’s narrative.

    It’s likely to be a third person action game…
    …since Papoutsis told us that’s where Visceral feels most at home. The Star Wars universe’s extensive arsenal would also feel great from a third-person view the blasters and pistols would work as well as Dead Space’s line cutter did, and  lightsabers? We need them .

    It’ll be built in Frostbite…
    …and why wouldn’t it? It’s one of the better-looking engines available to bigger studios, and by using the same engine as EA sister studio DICE, it means Visceral’s game could share assets with Star Wars: Battlefront.

    It’s likely to be set post-A New Hope…
    …because it wouldn’t make too much sense being set before that. After all, with a Boba Fett movie coming out, a Yoda movie coming out and a slew of other Star Wars-based properties set to line the shelves after December 2015, it’d make sense for Visceral to set its project in the new Star Wars universe

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