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    Rogue Legacy: Review

    Calling Rogue Legacy a rogue-like game is only partially accurate. When the character you are currently using dies, he is well and truly dead, just as in a true rogue-like game. But, unlike those utterly frustrating titles, Rogue Legacy lives up to the “legacy” part of its name by letting subsequent characters who are the descendants of the guy who just bought it carry traits and unlocks over from
    their forebears. It’s like perma-death with perma-progress thrown in, making Rogue Legacy less challenging than your average rogue-like title, but also less frustrating.

    It’s not just a straight line through the ages, though. Each character death lets the player choose one of three descendants to carry on the quest started by their forebears. These come in a variety of classes, like mages and assassins and barbarians, with more classes unlocked as the player progresses. Each character also has buffs and disadvantages. Some can affect the game like a colour blind character will see the game go black and white. Others are there for “decorative purposes” and have no real impact on the game. Classes can also be maxed out, provided the player can gather enough money.

    Until the player is able to buy the right skill, all the player’s money is lost every time they re-enter the castle they must explore. After time, this loss is reduced to percentages, but with money being the only way to build characters, it can still be a pretty daunting task to build up that legacy. Rogue Legacy is a great cross-sell across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, with cross saving meaning that you can progress the game no matter what platform you use at the time. And it’s massively addictive, too.


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