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    Dirty Bomb: Blowing up the free-to-play genre with new ideas

    Splash Damage, the developer responsible for Enemy Territory and the woefully under-appreciated blaster Brink, is aiming to shake up the free-to-play shooter model, perfected by Team Fortress 2, with a few promising touches in this team-based affair.

    The merc pool from which your pick your chosen characters boasts familiar categories such as medic, heavy, sniper and more, but there’s a whole lot more personality behind each individual. You’ll have to pick three of these folk, and you can switch between them on-the-fly.

    As well as promising to punish early quitters with an as-yet unannounced mechanic, Dirty Bomb includes a card system which reminds us of FIFA Ultimate Team. Finish a match and you’ll unlock a crate that contains a rare class with boosted stats. You can add these collected classes to your repertoire as you build the ultimate trio of gun-toting, objective-fulfilling badasses.

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