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    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Havoc DLC-Zombies invade the future

    Activision is anything but surprising when it comes to Call Of Duty. The latest iteration will be announced ahead of E3 to much fanfare, it’ll launch around November, and then the DLC onslaught will begin.

    We aren’t knocking the routine, it works the sales say as much but something has to be said about the usual quality of these extra maps and modes. Infinity Ward didn’t inspire much confidence with its season pass’ worth of content for Ghosts; that’s why Sledgehammer Games has done its best to ensure that the first content drop for Advanced Warfare is out of this world.

    Havoc is one of the best DLC releases Call Of Duty has seen in years. Not only does it introduce four fantastic new multiplayer maps to play, but it also ushers in the return of the ever-popular Zombies mode this time under the guise of Exo Zombies. This is the first time a studio outside of Treyarch has had a crack at introducing the mode, and it’s a fine effort. While Exo Zombies only feature in one map Outbreak you’ll once again find yourself teaming up with friends to battle back increasingly difficult waves of the living dead.

    Initially, it’s a little too familiar to cause excitement. Battle further enough into the Atlus research facility, however, and you’ll be able to unlock the Exo test station and get yourself locked into one of Advanced Warfare’s Exo suits. Then the fun truly begins. The zombies come harder and faster than they ever did in Black Ops, the challenge ramps up considerably and so does your reliance on the Exo to see you through to the next wave. Once you reach Wave 10 of 15, it’s as much about deft manoeuvrability as it is wild headshots and ammo management.

    Sledgehammer has also eradicated a few of the more frustrating features of the Treyarch design. You’ll no longer be bored waiting between the waves that’s now dedicated to loadout improvement and upgrades while weapon stations now glow against the background ensuring you’re never lost when trying to grab a new weapon against the stress of Exo-equipped zombies charging at you from all directions.

    Still, Exo Zombies isn’t the only part of this package worth caring about. The four maps are genuinely on par with the already fantastic maps that Advanced Warfare launched with. It’s all to often that these DLC maps feel rushed and half-arsed, but there’s no such complaint here. The arenas are interesting, well designed and challenging across the variety of game modes. In fact two of the maps Core and Drift have every right to be considered Call Of Duty classics. They inspire some Absolutely ferocious firefights that only the most adept Exo users will be able to dominate.

    Overall then, this is a great DLC release that proves the excessive DLC release schedule can work without diluting what made a game great to begin with. Exo Zombies is more thrilling than any co-op mode Treyarch or Infinity Ward has put out in the past it’s constantly kinetic, engaging and skill reliant while the four maps are immensely well designed, great looking and fun to play. If you’re still playing Advanced Warfare, there’s little reason to not pick this up.

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