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    Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Video “Officer Down”

    Bruce Wayne is going on his last cruise of Gotham City dressed from head-to-toe in bullet proof Kevlar, and he’s taking us along for the ride. Rocksteady is wrapping up its fantastic Arkham trilogy with its most ambitious entry to date. Not only will we have the entirety of Gotham to protect, but Bats also has a new foe to contend with in the shape of the Arkham Knight. The world is bigger than ever, the battles more bone-shatteringly awesome and there’s a drivable Batmobile…! We couldn’t be more excited.

    As the citizens of Gotham flee and criminal gangs take control of the city, Batman uses his own special methods to discover the true purpose behind Scarecrow's plans.

    Watch this extended look at official gameplay from the first chapter of Batman: Arkham Knight!

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