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    Battlefield Hardline: Official Tips, How To Stay Alive

    Cop movie dlC modes we'd pay good money for

    The Departed
    Cops must painstakingly create a new identity for themselves as lowlife thugs over the course of several years, hoping to win the round by remaining undetected. robbers must sit around in bars and discuss the diuretic properties of cranberry juice, scoring a point each time they eat a fly. a round lasts 15 years.

    taking place in the vast, open countryside, this mode is both won and lost when a player from the police team opens the box in the middle of the map and scores a kill on a robber. since both sides have the exact same objective, the game simply fades to an inconclusive screen of black upon each round’s mournful completion.

    Training Day
    Cops begin each round in the passenger side of a car, their controls reversed and frame-rate capped at a dismal ten. robbers win the round by simply driving the car around until their passenger either throws up or wigs out. Cops win by realising they’ve accidentally switched teams mid-round.

    Lethal Weapon
    Most of the round for the cops occurs in a pre-match lobby, in which the two least compatible players are determined via headset bickering. these two alone must kill the entire team of robbers to win. one small snag for the robbers their bullets can’t damage the cops. sorry, robbers, hollywood rules.

    Scenes of The crime
    The nine maps of hardline

    The Block
    bearing the scars of urban unrest in the form of wrecked cars, graffiti and crumbling walls, this is a dense downtown map full of ambush-baiting alleyways and windows for cover. inhabitants named Jenny are conspicuous in their absence.

    big enough to host legions of vehicles buzzing over its sandy crevasses, and to hold several entirely-separate large-scale gunfights at once. the seedy motels and diners had seen better days even before you show up with all those guns.

    Bank Job
    an open, unabashed nod to heat, set in the nice part of town and centred around a bank full of lovely, lovely cash. while the crims are inside blowing the vault doors open, police have a brief period of calm to set up their perimeter. then all hell breaks loose.

    another close-quarters nail-biter, but deceptively multi-pathed. Cops begin outside a drug-filled warehouse, crims within it. said crims can mask their sounds by turning on the radio and creeping around between the leaves of their nefarious crop. shotguns work wonders here.

    an idyllic abbey inhabited by edwardian aristocracy, who oh, downtown. sorry. yeah, this one’s another urban wasteland full of multi-lane highways to cruise around in your stolen police cruisers at high speeds. will be a hotwire staple thanks to its many ambush spots.

    Hollywood heights
    underlit swimming pools, half-finished walling, obnoxious interior décor a California McMansion just begging for your bullets. designed for tight, tense, close-quarters gameplay and sure to be a mainstay of competitive modes rescue and Crosshair.

    a visual, shootable warning on the dangers of fracking, set in the marshlands of florida. the eponymous everglades probably looked picturesque once, before aggressive industrial drilling and local law enforcement activity turned it into the brownest collection of shacks and cranes this side of Quake ii.

    a sizeable pocket of shady warehouses and scrapyards from la’s industrial sector. it’s one of the most conducive maps to classic bf play sniping the unaware from  a couple of clicks away, holding key chokepoints with savvy spawning, shouting at people who aren’t using vehicles right…

    an entire chain of islands to wage war on, centred around one impressively ostentatious drug smuggler’s mansion. weather’s extremely changeable here, and dramatic storms are never too far away. Corridor specialists have plenty of territory within the luxurious buildings.

    How To Stay Alive
    And other official tips, direct from the game's lead multiplayer producer, thad sasser.

    Don't run headlong into The action alone
    “This isn’t necessarily specific to hardline, it’s a classic battlefield problem. Obviously teamwork is very important in battlefield, and especially in hardline depending on the game mode. Co-ordinating with your team, whether it’s through the in-game voice communication system or the objective system, is pretty important, actually. especially for some of the more competitive modes like rescue and Crosshair, communicating with your team and co-ordinating your classes, your loadouts, your strategies and so on, can be really critical to whether people win or lose. i’d encourage people to think about what their teammates are doing and how they can help them.”

    Learn To Use Your Loadouts Properly
    “Some of the default unlocks are really powerful: the medkit and the ammo packs are great for both helping your squad and your team out, as well as getting you points. and learning how to use those, and where to deploy them, can be challenging.

    for example if you’re in the middle of a firefight it may be tempting to just throw the bag down right where you are. but it’s actually better to retreat a little bit, throw the bag down out of the enemy’s line of sight so they can’t shoot it and destroy it, and now you can continue to get the benefits of it, and so can your teammates so you can all push up. You can also then retreat from the line of fire and retreat while not getting shot, which may prolong your life as well.”

    Think Before You Spawn
    “A lot of people will try to get as close to the firefight as they can by spawning on the guy who looks like he’s closest to the action. but often the guy who’s closest to the firefight is in the firefight, so when you spawn on him you’re actually spawning right in the middle of a gunfight and you’re gonna die right away because there’s no spawn protection. When you select a teammate you’ll be able to see what he’s doing, and if you see bullets flying by on his camera you probably shouldn’t spawn there. We’ve also got a notification system on the spawn list. if you see a little red exclamation mark by their name, that means they’re currently being shot at. and it’s usually a warning to you don’t deploy on this guy right now. Sometimes it’ll be worth that risk: ‘we’re so close to achieving the victory, if i spawn here i can push the bag forward into the capture area or whatever it might be’ then it’s actually a good idea to take that risk. but a lot of times players will get frustrated by that, they’ll keep spawning on the same guy and they’ll keep dying.

    I think another thing that’s important to think about is: what is your teammate doing? if your teammate is being stealthy, and he’s creeping round the back of somewhere and you spawn on him and run in guns blazing, well you just gave his position away, so maybe that’s not your best strategy going forward. ”

    Stay In Key Positions To Help Squadmates Spawn On You
    “this is actually a really good tactic: hanging back from the action and being a good spawn place for your squadmates can be of huge advantage. When you’ve got a powerful position, holding that so your squadmates can spawn there establishes that front line the rest of your team can push forward from, so it’s a good strategy.

    Of course, you can also use the satellite phone, which is used as a spawn beacon. if you put one of those around the corner from one of those key positions, now you don’t actually have to stand there and hold that position for everybody else.”

    Learn The Tricks To Earn Cash And Unlocks Fast
    “The repair tool is very inexpensive. it’s not your default unlock as the mechanic, but it is cheap. equipping it and riding with somebody in a hotwire car, repairing it and getting that bonus, is a really good way to start earning points quickly without needing to learn a lot of mechanics.

    now, there’s a couple of more advanced things, too. for example: in blood Money, one of my favourite tricks is, i’ll camp near my vault and wait for people to come raid it. now, i’m not gonna shoot them as soon as they show up, i’m gonna wait until they pick up a bunch of cash, then shoot them and get a bonus for recovering that cash. So you can quickly get a bunch of points there too.”

    Don’t Ditch Stuck Vehicles, Melee Them Free
    “One thing i’ve seen is that people tend to get vehicles stuck on rocks and so on. if this happens to you, you can hop out and melee it free again. it’s not incredibly realistic, but it’s fun because it gets you back into the fight. You do have to keep your eyes open while you’re doing it to make sure no-one’s sneaking up on you, but it gets your vehicle free very quickly.”

    Don't Rely On Old Battlefield Tactics
    “I can think of one in particular. if you remember previous battlefield titles, you could pretty much revive people, for the most part, endlessly. if you think about Operation Metro, you’ve just got bodies sliding down the escalator and you’re reviving everybody, farming all the points like, ‘i’m not getting any kills but i’m getting 20,000 points because i’m getting all the revives’. Well, we’ve changed that. the revive was a little bit overpowered in our opinion for our game, and we’ve made it so you can only revive a person once every two minutes. So you won’t be able to revive the same guy over and over and over this works really well in the competitive modes especially.

    that counters a little of the power of the operator, makes him not quite the best class in every situation. it’s more balanced for the competitive modes, so now you’re not going to get five operators all rolling into the bottom of the Growhouse [map] and all reviving each other all the time. it’s an interesting change, and so tactics that previously worked will not work in hardline.”

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