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    Until Dawn: dawn of the dread

    Developer Supermassive Games is taking the science of fear pretty seriously in its upcoming survival horror, in which any of the cast can die or survive depending on your actions. Did we say seriously? Yeah, we meant ‘so creepily it’s almost worthy of a horror flick in itself’

    Part of the game’s testing phase includes strapping participants into a, “fear machine,” (Supermassive’s words, not ours) which tests their skin’s responses to in-game developments. If they’re sweating heavily, Until Dawn’s succeeding in its frightful goals. Originally a Move-focused PS3 game, it re-emerged with some current-gen good looks and a much more encouraging DualShock-based control scheme married to a schlocky teen horror script. The Last Of Us this ain’t, but we still can’t resist the allure of guiding hyperventilating teen stereotypes through Jigsaw-approved death puzzles.

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