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    Total War Attila: Huns at the Door

    Spanning a range of eras and locations, the Total War games have always sought to encapsulate some of the most pivotal periods in human history, allowing players to immerse themselves in the hedonistic thrill of battle along with the measured joy of successful empire management. It’s usually resulted in a fantastically engrossing style unique to the series, and now The Creative Assembly is back to offer yet another new chapter in the franchise, this time with a somewhat apocalyptical slant.

    Set during the fall of the Roman Empire and thus the start of the Dark Ages, Total War: Attila will present a world on the verge of collapse as the ancients knew it. The Empire has split, and while Constantinople stands strong, Rome is under siege from a myriad of barbarian forces. It will be into this chaotic mix that players will take up the helm of one 9 playable factions (12 if you buy the day one DLC or pre-order the game), battling to survive in a world threatened by the rampaging Huns.

    Attila is looking to shake things up by combining new and past features. Using a tweaked version of the Warscape engine that powered Rome 2 (hopefully without all the bugs this time), expect to the return of the family tree, along with enhanced siege mechanics, A.I., diplomacy options and spectacular visuals. Attila will also feature the first “Legendary Start Position”, whereby players ruling the Western Roman Empire will begin with huge armies and territory, though imperilled by invasion from all sides. While the developers are keeping relatively quiet regarding the exact changes Attila will offer, fans of the franchise can expect to once again lose hours to this new entry.

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