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    Titan Souls: Gargantuan Death to all!

    A hero stands before a quest for truth and power; armed with a single arrow ,he traverses an array of landscapes, battles countless foes standing against the once idle gargantuan titans now hulking above him, ready to destroy. His search for the shards of the Titan Soul send the hero between our world and the world beyond. What secrets shall he find? What adventure awaits?

    Charged with nothing but a solitary arrow, players will engage the titans ready for the inevitability of death. Simplicity of combat lies in the single arrow that returns to the hand when loosed, to unleash another forceful strike. Combined movement across the boss area and rapid escapes will guarantee epic battles, requiring players to dash, run and eventually defeat their larger than life foes, but not without suffering many deaths at the hands of the massive monsters.

    With over twenty titans to face, each unique in its look, brutalizing attack and hidden weakness, the epic beasts make for ferocious battles. Players will have to find each Titan’s weakness to defeat it and consume the primeval power residing within the beasts.

    Unique environments will be explorable, each design captured marvellously with well-crafted pixel art ranging from snowy terrains to desert red landscapes. Concealed Titans lie hidden within the deepest corners of the expansive world, waiting to be discovered, fought and their souls retrieved for the power they hold.

    This title is reminiscent of past games in its look, gameplay style, top-down perspective and difficulty. Described as a Dark Souls meets Shadow of the Colossus, this title is sure to frustrate many who play and yet bring them back for more.

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