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    There Came an Echo: Let’s hope your troops actually listen

    Iridium Games’ next title might just be one of the most enjoyable, if not interesting games of the year. There Came an Echo is a real-time strategy title, but what sets this one apart from all the other games, is that player can use their voice through a series of voice commands to order their units around.

    The game was actually funded through a Kickstarter campaign last year, where it over-shot its required funds by a good couple of thousand dollars. The RTS draws on a heavy narrative aspect, and has managed to attract some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, such as by Star Trek regular Will Wheaton and internet sensation Ashly Burch.

    To give a better explanation as to what gamer can expect, think of it as an XCOM title, but the difference in this one, except for the voice commands, is that your troops don’t have any previous military experience they all learn what to do as the game progress.

    In terms of plot, Iridium explains it as focussing on a 31-year-old cryptographer and inventor of a very particular encryption algorithm, one that currently holds safe a shocking secret.

    “His comfortable existence is interrupted by the enigmatic Val, who informs him that his life is in very imminent danger. His desperate attempts to uncover the truth are aided by a mercenary, Miranda; a vengeful young woman, Grace; and a mysterious British gentleman named Syll.”

    The graphics look amazing, although it is different to the norm. Taking place in the near future, it features some advanced technology like directed energy weaponry and personal energy fields. Anything with Will Wheaton should be pretty good.

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