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    Shape Up: Review

    A mid the continued quest to marry videogames and exercise, it seems Ubisoft has finally stumbled across a winning formula. Titles such as UFC Trainer, Kinect Training  and Ubi’s own Your Shape: Fitness Evolved take themselves too seriously. The impossibly toned coaches are more intimidating than aspirational, as they perform routines with perfect form a stark contrast to you doing lunges while trying to avoid kicking the dog. Shape Up replaces conventional exercises in a bland space with arcade action that makes it fun.

    Ubisoft disguises the tough work well. squat thrusts are taxing, but it’s exciting when you’re quickly racing towards the moon. Push-ups can be difficult, but when you’ve got virtual weights on your back, such as trucks or elephants, it adds a competitive edge and a welcome distraction. You can even jog on the roof of a speeding train while avoiding obstacles.

    Shape Up also cleverly dresses up fitness plans so your daily workouts aren’t as tedious. You get a ‘boss fight’ at the end of each one, where all your training goes up against a coach with stricter time limits and slightly harder workouts. It’s a good measurement to see how far you’ve progressed.

    However, there is one huge problem, and it’s such an oversight we can’t believe Ubisoft missed it the game doesn’t adapt to your current fitness level. In fact, it never asks for any vital stats, so no matter if you’re 70kg or 170kg the coaches always perform at the same speed. never mind a poor development choice, it can actually be dangerous to your health. The disclaimer is blink-and-you’ll-miss-it short, too.

    Shape Up is the best fitness game around. It will leave you feeling tired, but also like you’ve achieved something. Its blend of serious exercises and arcade action actually makes working out fun. It’s just a shame that it can’t be adjusted to match fitness levels, as it may have encouraged more to stay healthy.


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