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    Returning resi hero set to cheese up revelations 2

    Long-time series favourite Barry Burton is set to make a triumphant return as a playable character in Resident Evil Revelations 2. The Resi horde went bonkers upon learning that his daughter, Moira, will accompany Claire Redfield as the game’s lead pairing, but, just like the first Revelations, we should have known another duo were carefully concealed up Capcom’s cuffs.

    barry, who’s been working in an advisory role for resi 5’s bioterrorism Security assessment alliance, is roped in to explore the game’s afflicted-filled island when he learns that his potty-mouthed daughter has gone missing there. barry will benefit from “excellent shooting and close-quarters combat capabilities”, and is able to make use of guns, knives and a spotlight as he searches the island for Moira. He’s not alone, however.

    Pyjama party
    Joining him will be a mysterious young girl, Natalia Korda, who in sigh-worthy fashion has gone and lost her memory. She can also make use of special powers, such as seeing through walls and pointing out hidden enemies and traps for barry to avoid… or kick the face off.

    Capcom’s vehement insistence that co-op can work in horror hasn’t really paid off before, but with the very obviously skewed balance of power within these duos we can’t help but be more and more intrigued. Is this the resi that finally gives series fans the survival horror genre powerhouse they know and love back? We wouldn’t burton it, but we can dream.

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