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    Resident Evil Revelations 2

    To channel the foolish spirit of Resident Evil 1’s cast: What is it? The sequel to Xbox 360’s Resident Evil Revelations! What is it? an episodic series running every week for four weeks, starting mid-February! What is it? er, a survival horror game, featuring old favorites Claire Redfield the game’s protagonist and serial line-fluffer barry burton!

    It looks stylish and atmospheric, focusing on the relationship between barry and his daughter, moira, who works with Claire to de-zombify the dank holes they find themselves in. You can switch from Claire to moira at any point, though Claire’s got the big guns literally and figuratively, as moira’s only packing a torch and a crowbar. Claire, on the other hand, has a pistol, a shotgun and a knife.

    Different types of ‘afflicted’ mean different tactics, and the difficulty you choose will have some bearing on your style of play, too. Harder difficulties mean less ammo, which forces you to use other methods of takedown, such as moira’s crowbar.

    The good news is that it’s as grimy and shadowy as any  Resi game, like a real estate broker’s catalog of places you might murder a bunch of people while attempting to catch cholera. You’ll begin in an underground prison before working your way up to what looks like an abandoned hospital. Fun!

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