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    Replaystation: sony launches limited ed ps4 to honour ps1

    What do you get the playstation fan who has everything? that’s right: a full-size nathan drake doll with ruffable hair, wet shirt and fully poseable arms. stupid sexy nate. the next thing you get them is an incredible special edition playstation 4 that might be the coolest bit of sony fan service ever.

    birthday bash
    The 20th anniversary edition ps4 mimics the ‘original grey’ finish of ps1, which celebrated its landmark birthday on 3 december. to honour the historic date, sony released just 12,300 of the consoles. “given this very limited production run, the  20th anniversary edition will not be available via traditional retail channels in the scee region,” said president of Worldwide studios shuhei yoshida. you big tease, shu.

    He wasn’t fibbing when he said they wouldn’t be available through traditional channels, either. the only place you could have bought one was on sony.com’s official store, where the snazzy consoles were being hocked for $499. this initial batch was announced at the playstation experience and sold out within hours. sony then sold a further 800 machines online in the UK in mid-december, which were also quickly snapped up by punters.

    Don’t despair, though… there’s still a chance you can get your mitts on one of these special ps4s… you just may have to sell any non-completely-vital organs to pull together upwards of $2000 to buy one off eBay.

    Thankfully, there were less money-grabbing ways to bag a piece of playstation history. the eU Blog gave away 20 systems, while the spanish site auctioned off a number of units; the profits of which went to Unicef. and we’re getting in on the action, too. We’ve got a console here at opm towers, and we’ll be giving it away to one reader later this year…

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