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    Nidhogg: Review

    Everything about Nidhogg seems simple, from the retro lo-fi graphics and basic two button controls to the premise of the game itself down your opponent in 1v1 sword duels to advance through arenas until you reach the far end, where your reward for victory is to be consumed by the titular serpent in front of a baying crowd.

    However, once you start playing you discover a surprising depth to the action. You can raise and lower your sword to initiate different attacks, disarming your foe if you correctly time a parry. You can duck and sweep the leg, or leap in the air and perform a divekick. You can throw your rapier for a ranged attack, and even pile in with just your bare fists to execute particularly brutal melee finishers.

    to provide additional variety there are four arenas to fight in, each with their own distinct characteristics that affect gameplay, plus a number of customisation options that allow you to considerably mix things up. Solo fencers can take on a procession of ai enemies in a fairly lacklustre single-player mode, or head online to find an opponent. However, matchmaking lobbies are completely empty so you’ll need another PSN pal to team up with.

    None of that really matters though, as Nidhogg excels when tackled with a mate in local multiplayer. the fast pace and range of moves always results in truly chaotic fights, which are as much fun to spectate as they are to play. Bouts may be rinsed in a matter of mere seconds or slugged out over prolonged tug-of-war battles, but, like office fave towerfall ascension, this same-sofa experience will be prime party-fodder for years.


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