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    Final Horizon: Review

    Tower defence games are, quite frankly, cool they offer excellent challenges, and the perpetual sort can get extremely difficult. Final Horizon is not a perpetual game, rather relying on the idea of individual levels that need to be completed. That doesn't make it any less fun or challenging, mind you, and tower defence fans who also own PS Vita’s will be particularly pleased with this being the best platform to experience the game on.

    Final Horizon takes place over numerous levels in a sci-fi setting in which the player (you guessed it) needs to defend against hordes of invading aliens. Different missions may have different objectives, ranging from destroying all enemies through to defending for a certain time period. All missions also carry secondary objectives, including things like kill streaks, not taking damage and so on. These secondary objectives are the ones that will keep you coming back for more, because besting a level with all objectives completed can be pretty tough.

    To help in their mission, players are provided with five attack towers, ranging from chain guns to rocket launchers and lightning guns, and one resource tower, which can be upgraded to a healing tower for nearby weapons. In fact, all towers can be upgraded and repaired on the fly, which is a dream when using the Vita’s touch screen. New towers and upgrades are unlocked as the game progresses, and extra challenge is added by way of the fact that not all towers will be available in some levels.

    And then the player has to deal with the fact that they have limited space on which to build their towers…

    It all adds up to a fast paced and rewarding tower defence game for those that enjoy the genre.


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