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    Final Fantasy VII announcement raises, then dashes, hopes

    The good news: Final Fantasy VII is coming to PlayStation 4, everyone! Like we’d always dreamed! The good times are here to stay. Everything’s going to be great forever. Before you go slaughtering the local Flan population in celebration though, prepare yourself for the bad news…

    You see, when Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto took to the stage at The PlayStation Experience, in front of an enormous Final Fantasy VII logo on the big screen, and intoned, “Seventeen long years ago…” the crowd thought it could see where this was headed. Whoops and cheers erupted. People were on their feet. After years of hope and speculation, it appeared Square was about to announce a full current-gen remake of its most celebrated JRPG.

    And it did just not in the way the thousands of fans watching in person were expecting. The game Square actually announced is a port of a port the 2013 PC version.

    Don’t expect a fancy new graphics engine, super hi-res cutscenes or a revamped battle system. It’s still the game you fell in love with all those years ago only, y’know, on PS4.

     When Hashimoto says he’s, “bringing the title back to PlayStation,” he means it very literally.

    This is still a good thing, make no mistake. But it isn’t a good thing of the magnitude many were expecting, and Square had to have known that. Still, it could have been worse it could have been the fan-made remake within LBP. The game’s out this spring, so you at least have that long to regain your composure.

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