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    Fable legends: the origin of asymmetry

    Not won over by Evolve’s grim, dank settings and its tough-skinned behemoths, but  quite like the idea of a teaming up with three friends to deck a fifth, grossly overpowered pal? You’re in luck: Fable Legends fills that pigeonhole neatly with a more light-hearted take on the burgeoning ‘lopsided multiplayer’ mini-genre.

    Taking place in a leafy, verdant paradise nestled in the heart of albion, Fable Legends is as camp and jolly as its progenitors, but with that hint of slightly darker stuff that lurks behind the scenes. Where Evolve is all murky shades of grey and brown and black, Fable Legends tells its story with vivid, fairytale colours, ramshackle settings and caricatured characters. that’s not to say it dials back on the brutality heroes have a large and extremely varied arsenal at their disposal. care for some examples? Well, for starters there are ice spears, rapid-firing rossbows that act like a machine-gun for the Middle ages and canisters of fire to lob at oncoming minions.

    There’s plenty to mix and match to create the baddest, most lethal group of heroes this side of the ironwash river.

    Meanwhile, the Villain a hazy figure at best, who oversees the arena in first-person like a puppetmaster can control minions, traps, mines and so on from a tower defence-style interface. You get the chance to see the inner workings of an enemy lair where the goblins hide, when the boss comes out as essentially the logistics manager for orcs, inc.

    It’s a neat idea, but one that is still yet to properly take flight in hands-on demos. as fun as it is to play the villain, one wave of ai troops is pretty indistinguishable from the next for the heroes on the ground. and with the game so clearly created for the ‘always online’ Xbox one of yore, we worry that the world-building, so important to Fable’s solo adventures, has taken a back seat. there’s a small hub city, Brightlodge, where you’ll be able to mill around playing pub games and completing jobs a clear attempt to provide the social interaction we loved in past Fable outings but we are worried Legends won’t match up to those immersive, living worlds from albion’s past.

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