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    Dungeons 2: Undergound management mayhem

    If you’ve been pining for a new Dungeon Keeper game, look no further.
    Dungeons 2 blends classic Dungeon Keeper style dungeon development with over world invasions similar to real-time strategy games. Players alternate between developing swarms of snotlings, brewing beer for their minions to keep them happy, setting up traps to keep their dungeon safe from invasion, and eventually laying siege to the enemies above their lair by micromanaging their teams of orcs, goblins, and other hardy assailants.

    Gameplay takes place above and below at the same time, with the control scheme swapping for the situation. In the dungeon it’s business as usual as you drag and drop your minions and smack them around to increase their efficiency, create rooms, and mine gold and mana to power your ever growing army. Above ground, you control smaller bands of units to complete objectives. You may also run into various challenges below ground, from monsters like spider queens threatening to encroach on your territory to the constant threat of invasion crews from the humans above. Managing your home and away teams is important, as you don’t want to have nobody left to protect your lord by sending out all your fighting units to the lands above. As your troops battle on the ground, it’s important to keep an eye on the goings on below, making sure your minions are paid and getting enough booze to stay happy. You’re also going to want to make sure you keep researching new things at your workshop, as your traps will keep your home safe when you’re committing the bulk of your forces to an overworld assault.

    From our hands-on time with Dungeons 2, the underworld gameplay channels the old school Dungeon Keeper feel, while the real time strategy aspects in the overworld add a twist to the traditional experience. While the assortment of critters available to control is limited, gameplay opens up with new options as you unlock mana in the middle to end of each map, allowing you to augment your brutes with powerful spells and take out entire legions of opposing forces with potent powers. The maps feature handy quest indicators on them to help you direct your minions should you find yourself wondering what to do.

    Dungeons 2 features multiple factions to master, each with different units and specialties. Along with a single-player campaign, up to four players can play online for some multiplayer mayhem.

    With some serious nostalgia factor and some new tweaks on the formula, we’re looking forward to diving back into the dungeon sim.

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