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    DmC: Definitive Edition, Devil’s in the Details

    What’s the story?
    Ninja Theory is revisiting its lovely Devil May Cry reboot, addressing pretty much every rational complaint and bundling in all the DLC, in addition to a load of new content. That includes new difficulty modes and costumes (including original blond Dante), along with rebalanced stages and a manual lock-on feature. Oh, and it’s presented in 1080p and 60fps.

    Why should i care?
    It’s a surprisingly major reworking. The biggest change is that doubled framerate, bringing the reboot’s speed in line with that of the original series.  DMC combat is supposed to be fast and fluid, and now it finally offers the first part. Definitive Edition also makes more of Vergil, Dante’s cooler brother who gets his own extra campaign and Bloody Palace mode here.

    What happens next?
    DmC: Definitive Edition is coming on 17 March, so we really don’t have too long to wait. Of more interest is what happens after  that is Capcom going to continue with Ninja Theory’s rebooted storyline, or return to the original timeline with a DMC5? The reveal of DMC4: Special Edition suggests the latter option might be a possibility.

    Turbo mode returns for DmC: Definitive Edition, a fan favorite from the original series that increases the speed of the game by an extra 20%. You might need a strong cup of coffee to keep up.

    The hardcore Dante Must Die mode is joined by a raft of extra difficulty options, including an equally hardcore, er, Hardcore mode. This can be toggled between stages.

    There were a lot of loud complaints about the design of Dante 2.0, but thanks to new costumes, including trad Dante and Vergil, you won’t have to look at him if you don’t want to.

    In a nice touch, Definitive Edition will come at a lower price point than most new releases do. A saving of $20 brings it down to $30. Big bravo.  A very welcome  move indeed.

    DEVIL WEARS PRADAThis new version contains all the DLC, including the hefty Vergil’s Downfall. In this epilogue to the main game, you play as Dante’s more serious brother, who has a fondness for killing demons and the color blue.

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