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    Citizens of Earth: Defend your World!

    Taking on slightly cartoonish graphics, Eden Industries’ Citizens of Earth is an RPG that places you in the shoes of the Vice President of the World which isn’t a small title to have. The titles aims to divert from the usual elements of traditional RPG games, in the sense that it approaches characters very differently.

    After returning to your hometown for some much needed rest, you realise that something strange is going on. Discovering some oddities, you enlist the townspeople to help you on your quest. And this is where the game is different.

    “There are no NPCs in this world. Every single townsperson is recruitable, each with unique combat abilities and playstyles. And like a true politician, the Veep never needs to get his own hands dirty . . . not while he’s got such a motley crew of constituents,” Eden Industries explain.

    Every person that you recruit into your band of troopers has unique abilities that will aide gamers in their quest of figuring out what is going on. The type of day job that they have will determine what sort of powers they have, like selling goods to the party, altering weather patterns, piloting vehicles, pushing boulders aside, or synthesizing new items from your old junk.

    In terms of combating the hordes of mutants, players familiar with the Earthbound and Dragon Quest games will feel right at home. The turn-based combat is straightforward pick a couple of citizens, select their actions and start the battle.

    It might not be a game for everyone, but it is certainly brimming with content that will keep players on their toes...

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