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    A Rite from the Stars: Crowd-funded point-and-click

    Kickstarter has become a pervasive force in gaming, enabling indie developers to create all sorts of titles that would never have seen the light of day otherwise. While this means that the site is rife with innovative possibilities, it also seems to draw a sizeable portion of the community that seems to primarily driven by nostalgia, with the likes of Tim Schafer, Obsidian Entertainment and Keiji Inafune all having received huge support on the platform. However, this also means genres that seemed to have been forgotten by the industry at large are getting catching a second wind, and like the 2D platformer, recent years have seen a resurgence in adventure games. Thus indie Spanish developer Risin’ Goat saw their opportunity, and after a successful crow-funding campaign, A Rite from the Stars is soon to hit the digital shelves.

    Created as a homage to the adventure genre, A Rite from the Stars will be a fully 3D point-and-click adventure set in the magical island of Kaikala, in which players will take control of Kirm as he begins his rite of passage into manhood and legend. Split into three different paths, namely wisdom, courage and strength, each section appears to feature a unique setting and theme, along with a different mechanic.

    Speaking of mechanics, Risin’ Goat has been rather reticent on how exactly A Rite from the Stars will play. Beyond the standard point-and-click gameplay, the developers have promised that the game will not require pixel hunting or pointless backtracking, and that there will be no inventory, so expect self-contained puzzles. Additionally, the game will allow players to swap between paths at will, and ultimately several different endings will be available.

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