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    Star Wars Battlefront: A force to be reckoned with

    There’s no denying that DICE is passionate about working on Star Wars Battlefront the long dormant sequel revived by the Battlefield studio. When it was unveiled back in 2013 that the Swedish developer would be handling the cherished brand, not only was there much enthusiasm from fans of galaxies far, far away and those that like blowing shit up in extravagant fashion, but also, understandably, from inside the studio itself.

    “I grew up with Star Wars, watching the classic movies over and over and collecting all the toys I could afford,” design director Niklas Fegraeus said, showing his excitement. “Since then, like most of our team here at DICE Stockholm, I’ve never really left this fantastic universe.

    “A little over a year ago, we learned that we had the amazing opportunity to work on a Star Wars game. I’ll never forget the moment when this was officially unveiled at our company meeting with the entire studio present you could touch and feel the excitement in the room. This is the spirit I feel from the team every day, whether we’re trying out the AT-AT on Hoth or racing speeder bikes through the forests of Endor.”

    DICE has been scouting many of the original film’s locations to get the right look and feel of the first three films in the saga, the aim being to immerse players in the iconic battles that fans loved in the original movies. Confirmed locations include the snowy environ of Hoth recreating the Rebel’s escape as giant AT-ATs stomp towards their base and the Ewok-infested forest of Endor where players will be able to dart about on speeders and crash into trees. Nothing else has been confirmed as of yet, meaning that its influence could span the entire saga of films and even feature set pieces from the movie due out at the end of next year. 

    After the slew of middling to terrible Star Wars games that have emerged in the latter years of Lucas Arts, it’s an attempt to bring Star Wars back to videogames in a relevant and exciting way. If DICE manage to pull it off, it won’t just be a Star Wars game. It’ll be a new hope.

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