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    Pix the Cat: PS4

    Blending Pac-man: Championship edition with ancient mobile favourite Snake and a pinch of Chu Chu rocket, Pix the Cat is an instant classic: a blistering and sometimes maddening arcade game that’s genuinely hard to put down.

    As the eponymous feline, your job is to collect eggs, which instantly hatch into ducks that you must deposit into nests before descending into the next maze, repeating the process until time runs out. there’s no way to gain extra precious seconds, but there’s an optimal route through each stage, and learning and memorising it is the trick to earning a high score on the game’s first arcade mode, Starter.

    Soon you discover that it’s not merely about picking up the eggs, but collecting them all before you touch the first nest to drop any off, as the eggs crack if you do, killing your combo meter. Colliding with your quacking ‘tail’ is another combo killer. maintain a consistent run and your multiplier increases, but the game’s pace also picks up until it reaches Fever mode; the soundtrack and Pix’s speed accelerating along with your heart rate. it’s frantic stuff.

    Finish Starter and you’ll unlock main and then dessert, which subtly change maze layouts and offer greater margins for improvement and error. there’s a daily Challenge, the more puzzle-focused Laboratory mode, and nostalgia mode, which introduces a stunning ’30s-era cartoon aesthetic while removing the nests, instead tasking you with reaching a certain egg count. and, on PS4, you get an extra bonus in the form of a local multiplayer game that feels a little like Bomberman. in short: it’s a bit good.

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