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    Final Fantasy Type-0: World at War Trailer

    It’s genuinely impressive what a bit of tender love and HD remastering can do. Type-0 was released on PSP three years ago in Japan, all while the Western Final Fantasy audience has been waiting with bated breath to see the game released overseas. That dream will finally be realised in March, and the game is looking surprisingly sharp considering its humble handheld heritage. In many respects, it’s the perfect game to get you ready for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, featuring fast-paced real-time action combat in a similar vein to Crisis Core. If diving back into the Fabula Nova Crystallis storyline doesn't interest you, perhaps the promise of a playable Final Fantasy XV demo will. Despite its relatively limited appeal outside of the core audience, Type-0 will still definitely be an essential purchase for anyone looking to get their hands on the first next-gen Final Fantasy experience.

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