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    Disgaea 5: Netherworld

    Are you ready to level your characters all the way to 9,999? Nippon Ichi’s popular and comical strategy series is back with a new mainline entry, and it’s poised to be the largest entry yet thanks to bigger battles and a grander story.

    Nippon Ichi is pushing for Disgaea 5 to have a deeper and longer storyline than previous games. The trademark humor remains intact, but after hearing feedback from fans, the developer wants to have more complex characters and a story with a larger scope. Therefore, Disgaea 5 centers on the darker theme of revenge.

    The new cast is comprised of three main characters: the revenge hungry Killia, the bratty runaway Seraphene, and the curry loving Usalia. While Usalia, a peace loving demon, is considered to be the “mascot” character, don’t expect her to just be the comic relief. She apparently has a dark past that gets uncovered throughout the storyline. Vengeance plays into all three characters’ storylines in different ways, and the narrative has 16 chapters the most ever in the series.

    The game still holds everything from past entries, like its grid-based strategy gameplay, but this time around the stage is much larger. You can deal absurd levels of damage to enemies in the high millions, and the PS4’s extra power makes it so now 100 enemies can be on screen at once a far cry from the 30 that were in past games. All enemies are also overlords, and a fitting revenge
    mode, which increases all of your stats, lets you form the ultimate payback. You also have an ultimate demon skill that activates during this mode.

    We’ll have to wait for more details on other new combat mechanics, and Nippon Ichi confirmed it’s still putting the finishing touches on its new conversation system. With the game coming out in March in Japan, though, we suspect it won’t be too much longer before more is revealed and we have an official U.S. release date.

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