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    The DNA Of Hardline

    We think it’s important that playing as the two different factions feels noticeably different in the game’s multiplayer modes.

    Games like The Walking Dead have shown how well an episodic format can work  leading naturally as it does to climaxes and cliffhangers that punctuate an overarching narrative. We’re very much on board with the idea of a single player campaign that we can play in episodic chunks.

    FAR CRY 3
    It’s clear that Hardline's also taken a leaf out of Far Cry 3's book. Just as in that game, you're confronted with a fortified area and it’s left up to you whether you want to go full on action hero, stealthy or a mix of the two in order to conquer it.

    Hardline's police scanner isn't only used for tagging enemies. Just as with Batman's detective vision, it's also used to scan evidence and solve simple puzzles.

    Similar to the way points earned in battle can be used at drop kits to purchase weapons in Bulletstorm, players can earn currency (the exact nature of which hasn't yet been locked down) throughout the campaign in order to buy new weapons and attachments.

    Alien, like every stealth game ever, has a mechanic where you can throw an item in order to distract the Alien. Hardline adds the same feature. Of course, here you're distracting people, not aliens.

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