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    Tearaway: Unfolded

    We’re going to get to go on another journey with Atoi and Iota when a reworked version of one of the best games on Vita comes to PS4 in the form of Tearaway Unfolded

    There’s a great feature in Tearaway whereby you unlock papercraft models that can be accessed by logging into Tearaway.me with your PSN ID. You can then print these models out and follow the instructions to make your own papercraft characters in real life. Good news for any of you fancy having a little Atoi or Iota next to your PS4, or sat at your desk.

    The Vita version of Tearaway was all t going on a journey with Atoi or Iota (whoever you picked), but we won’t be completely retracing our steps when we play the game on PS4 Media Molecule has crafted whole new sections in the game that make use of DualShock 4 features like the light bar and touchpad.

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    Throughout Tearaway, you're asked to create everything from pumpkins to crowns using the game's elegant paper crafting system and get to see those creation become a feature of the world. that also means you can customise your avatar in any way you see fit from top hats to demon horns, your imagination is the only limit when it comes to Atoi’s appearance.

    Surely there’s no other character that starts with fewer abilities than Atoi ? She can’t even jump when you begin the game. Yet, somehow, Media Molecule still manages to keep the game enjoyable with a bare bones skill set. Part of the joy of playing Tearaway lies in gaining new abilities for Atoi and delighting at how those abilities are so creatively linked to using the Vita.

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