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    Sylvio: Indie Games

    After the joys of PT, we’re instantly wary of the words Silent and Hill staggering up in conversation just in case someone immediately makes us walk down that corridor alone with headphones on again. Not that a certain magazine editor would force his staff to do anything like that…

    We appear to be safe for now as developer Nikas Swanberg only cites the foggy town as inspiration for this atmospheric looking FPS. Also with influences from the films of David Lynch, Sylvio puts us behind the eyes of Juliette Waters, an audio recordist who just happens to be able to tune into the frequencies of the dead as well as the living.

    Rather than blocking out the ghosts like the rest of us would, Waters actively seeks out places she can speak to the undead as she tries to find out why they lurk on Earth. However when she sneaks into a abandoned family park in the middle of the forest yes, because that always goes so well to test out a new piece of equipment, she ends up with more than she bargained for, with an unknown force hunting her down.

    Record breaker
    Waters is armed with recording equipment for listening to the ghostly equivalent of Radio One (but with more personality and fewer repeated songs). She has a stereo oscillator to make you feel like a Ghostbuster as unknown frequencies send unique vibrations through the device, and also a Reel Recorder that can be played forwards and backwards at different speeds to hunt down hidden messages.

    With an intriguing soundtrack already accompanying what we’ve seen, this could be a suitably creepy addition akin to the foggy town’s radio. An interesting curveball also sees the game toss Waters a handy air pressure powered shotgun that can be filled with whatever you can find lying around, be it rocks, glass or even potatoes. Listening to ghosts and firing spuds at people, Lynch style ? Colour us intrigued.

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