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    Silence : The Whispered World 2, PS4

    This adventure title offers a very specific fix. One that anyone who spent lengthy periods of the late ’90s scanning pre rendered scenes and poking them for clues will be familiar with. It’s a defiantly old school PC point and click. On PS4 .

    We're not completely ignorant to the genre in these PlayStation pastures, of course. Telltale’s The Walking Dead episodes offer a modernised take on that genre’s dusty old blueprints but feel undeniably edgy. And the series could certainly never be mistaken for Myst if you saw one of its screenshots.

    That’s actually a strength for Silence, too. Cast your eyes around the page. Looks like concept art, doesn't it? It isn't, and in motion the game engine’s camera projection tech renders those 2D images onto 3D objects and creates an effect halfway between the UbiArt Framework and a pop-up book. It’s the very embodiment of the old (pre-rendered backgrounds) colliding with the new (PS4’s graphical clout).

    The plot, in which brother and sister Noah and Renie explore a dream-world with a malleable sidekick named Spot, is a touch less unique. But for its captivating look alone we’re keeping a couple of fingers crossed this makes it our way unscathed. “We’re currently still in the middle of the approval process for PlayStation 4,” a Daedelic representative tells us. Not one to shout about just yet, then.

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