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    Rockstar’s hand picked player-made jobs are a throwback to San Andreas/X360

    Amazingly, ten years have passed since the launch of GTA: San Andreas, and to celebrate this milestone Rockstar has highlighted ten of its favourite community jobs inspired by CJ’s adventures. To access them, head to - http://bit.ly/GTASA10 - then click on the job name and choose ‘add to game’ from the Social Club. First up is ‘Bloodring Bangers’, a race based on the Blood Bowl demolition derby and reimagined using the ULSA running track. Using speed boosts is tricky on this tight circuit, but venture behind the banked curves and you’ll find enough rockets to ensure the race goes off with a bang.

    The ‘Gray Imports’ team deathmatch takes place in the midst of a gun trade gone south, with all manner of weapons scattered throughout the docks setting. The height advantage offered by the upper walkways inside the warehouse can be key to victory, so get up there quickly and take control. Next we have ‘Grove Street Brawlers’, a riotous team deathmatch located in the heart of CJ’s old ‘hood. The emphasis is on close-quarters combat, with plenty of melee weapons available, but there are also tear gas canisters and Molotov cocktails to disorientate and deal area damage.

    The ‘Little Loop’ bike race is somewhat ironically named, as the six-mile route goes all the way from Downtown Vinewood to Los Santos International Airport before looping back to Grove Street. There are crazy jumps over buildings to contend with, plus a huge leap off the freeway that takes real skill. ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’ is a bike race homage to the classic San Andreas mission. Taking the lead is not always the best tactic after you go weapons free, leading to a cat and mouse face off as you speed along the train tracks up into the Tataviam Mountains.

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