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    Rabbids Interactive TV

    Ubisoft and Aardman (creators of Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep and other stop motion animations) have come together to bring the Rabbids to your Television screen as an interactive television show. Based off the Rabbids Invasion TV series, this title hopes to grow from that success by giving players a unique experience gaming is able to offer immersive interaction.

    Rabbids Invasion is aimed towards a younger audience and offers 20 interactive episodes to watch and play. As each episode plays out, opportunities to play and interact with the on-screen Rabbids will appear, thereby bringing both the show and the game to life.

    The title is set to feature 400 activities sure to keep the younger gamers entertained with quirky actions, slapstick comedy and fun co-operative gameplay that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Up to four players can compete against each other on the Xbox One and PS4 while the Xbox 360 version will only have up to two players.

    The interactive activities include: speed drawing and colouring in, crazy dancing to match the energetic Rabbids, egg battles that see on-screen characters peppered with egg yolk and more! Utilizing the Kinect sensor and Playstation Move, players will be able control on-screen characters, strike a pose like the as done by the Rabbids and discover new characters as they appear in game.

    Additional episodes and game content will be unlocked through reaching highscores, as the battle for the best individual score drives competitive gameplay in a fun way. Utilizing camera functionalities in this family orientated title may be Ubisoft’s way of finding a new niche in the market; we can look forward to more interactive titles in this Next-Gen era.

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